To start, owner will submit at least 1 crisp, high resolution image of your pet. This picture will serve as the primary painting reference in terms of likeness, expression and emotion. Pictures may be sent by email to

     Once a general conception of the portrait has been established, I would like to come for a "home visit" in order to meet your pet and get a better sense of their energy and personality. During our "play-date," be it in your home or at the dog park, I can play with the pet and take a few more pictures for myself. These photographs may serve as additional references, or as the primary reference photo if necessary. After the photo session, we can review the photographs together to decide upon the best supporting images. If distance or scheduling a visit proves to be an issue, I can do the portrait from a photograph without meeting the pet in-person.

•    Pet Portraits are professional, unframed oil paintings completed on canvas (or birch panel for an additional cost*)

•    Recommended size: 11 x 14 (or 12x12) inches or larger 

•   Priced according to size:


  9x12- $240   (US Shipping: $15)             

12x12- $310   (US Shipping: $20)           

11x14- $310   (US Shipping: $20)           

16x20- $490   (US Shipping: $30)

18x18- $490   (US Shipping: $30)

18x24- $690   (US Shipping: email for quote)


    Terms 40% with order and 60% at delivery. Deposit is non-refundable.

•    Additional pets: Add 33% to original price.

    Expect to receive the finished painting 3-8 weeks after the initial meeting/photo session.

    Revisions requested after completion are $35/hr.

* Note: Birch panel is a little more expensive to buy than canvas, but for the additional cost (anywhere from $10-$40) it will save you a lot in framing! Birch panel can be hung on the wall as is, and they look great- no frame needed! 




Traditional Portraits 



       On occasion, I will do traditional portrait work on commission. I prefer to work alla prima, painting my subject in a single sitting, from life, if possible. Preceding the sitting, I enjoy meeting with my clients over coffee or tea and getting to know them a little. In relation to commissioned paintings of small children or deceased, the use of photography as a reference is definitely an option. Several factors play a role in determining the cost of a commissioned portrait, including the size of the painting and, if working from a photograph, the level of detail. An 11x20 single-sitting portrait painted from life is $500. This requires the client/model to sit for 3-4 hours, with breaks for stretching and snacks.

    Generally, painting people from photographs can be painstaking and quite time consuming, as they result in a much higher level of detail (due to my inexpedient quest for perfection). For this reason, in most cases, they can require many hours of work and are often more expensive. The resulting work of art will be photo-realistic (see "Ella and Gaia," "Big Mama," and "Whirly-Gig Salesman," on Portrait Gallery page (, all painted from photographs).

     For more information on process or pricing for traditional portraits, please contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions.




Other Commissioned Works



•    House Portraits ($3/sq inch).


    Wall/mural paintings for Children's rooms ($70/hr).